Although yoga comes in many forms, each and every style has its own benefits. The key benefits each discipline has in common are: improved health and the ability to perform at a higher level within your sport. Yoga works really well when practised alongside other sports. Professional soccer players like Ryan Giggs used Yoga to prolong his playing career up to the age of 40. This is because practising yoga regularly improves cardiovascular fitness and circulation.

Yoga Is Great For Athletes
Many people, athletes included, suffer with problems relating to bad posture or misalignment. Athletes and anyone involved in sport find that improved posture from yoga equals improved performance in their sport. Attending yoga class 1-2 times a week will improve posture and increase core and body strength. Did you know that after just 15 weeks arm strength can increase by 12% on average?

Two of the key benefits of Yoga are enhanced recovery time and increased lung capacity. These benefits alone are causing athletes to flock in their droves to yoga classes. Decreasing recovery time helps athletes train more economically and utilise time more efficiently. Yoga also helps speed up the healing process when recovering from injury.

In addition to improving physical strength, flexibility, breathing and reducing stress, Yoga can also improve sleep quality and quantity. Athletes recovering from injury or rigorous training regimes can reap the benefits of improved sleep through Yoga.