With the bottomless supply of entertainment these days from Netflix to Xbox to Smartphone’s, not many would have foreseen the recent dramatic resurgence of table tennis, a game that is over 100 years old. Growth of the sport has been huge in the UK, with ‘’Sport England’’ estimating that two million people are now playing for fun in England. Around 96,000 over-16-year-olds take to the table at least once a week for 30 minutes, and these numbers are rising by 4,000 a year based on conservative forecast

So Why Has Table Tennis become so Big?

  • At Work:  Many Companies now have table tennis tables on their premises so staff can enjoy during their breaks. As the old adage goes, healthy body healthy mind, it is also a great way of providing positive social engagement amongst employees.
  • Social: Opened in 2012, London-based venue Bounce, is a bar-meets-table tennis establishment. It allows you enjoy a beer with your friends as you play a table tennis. Since opening, Bounce has recorded has had a million players through its door.
  • Community : Ping England, the grant-backed street ping pong initiative, helped to reignite consumers’ interest when it installed free-play tables all over the UK in the summer of 2013. In Berlin, Table Tennis is probably at its most popular. Most neighbourhood squares in Berlin have public tables in them, and Berliners will readily set up big games of ’round-the-table’ where 20-plus people can join in.
  • At Home: Playing table tennis at home has also become hugely popular.  More affordable domestic tables, as well as advancements in design, means that families can now get an affordable table that is easy store away.  Table Tennis is also an activity that be enjoyed by all age groups in the family, and help encourage children away from more sedentary activities like playing computer games or surfing the internet.