Gymnastics is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland, particularly among children. The recent Olympic performances of superstar gymnast Simone Biles at Rio will only add to its continuing popularity. At McSport we have all the essential equipment to help your child get started and ultimately master all elements of the sport. Here is a list of items we recommend.


The most essential item for any potential gymnast is a gymnastics mat that will allow them to master the core basics of the discipline.

Our most popular gynmastics mat is the Sure Shot Folable gymnastics mat. Unfolded these mats measure at 8ft x 4ft, with an option on thickness of  50mm or 60mm.  The great thing about these mats is that they can be folded and neatly stored away between usage.

Other great features of these mats include.

  • Easy storage mats fitted with Velcro for fitting together
  • Lightweight matting.
  • Hygienic, tough PVC corners.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, and washable
  • Mat with anti slip base


Balance beams are perfect for training new skills in a safe and fun way. Used for balance and precision, skill repetition, enhancing progression, pre-school gymnastics, home gymnastics, jumps and leaps, balances, spins, forward rolls, cartwheels, backwards and forwards walkovers, flicks, somersaults.


This lightweight foam spring board allows beginner gymnasts to gain confidence in a safe manner before moving onto standard wooden springboards. This apparatus can also be used as a mounting block for children.


The Incline Wedge is a multi-functional training aid and is the cornerstone of the professional gymnastic training course. Its foldable shape makes it easy to put away for storage as well as being used for a training platform. Excellent for gymnastics, pilates, yoga and stretching.


The Beemat foam parallel bars trainer is a versatile training aid that helps beginner gymnasts in their development toward larger, competitive parallel bars. This is the safest means of mastering the basics before progression to actual parallel bars. This foam trainer includes white bands which acts as a visual for the hand rails.