We were delighted to be asked by Ireland’s most iconic brand’s Diageo, to redesign and refit their gym at St James Gate. At 295.77 sq m, the gym caters for more than 1,000 staff and public members. As well a having state of the astrength and cardio area, the new facility will also accommodate Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, Boxercise, and Bodypump.

New Gym Install: Diageo St James Gate

The installation of the main new gym floor was completed the week before Christmas with the room filled with lots of new equipment and flooring. The second phase of the Spinning Studio is almost complete with a new set of 20 bikes ready to be put to use. The staff of Diageo are delighted with all the new equipment and this has been reflected in the large amount of new members joining the club in the first few weeks of Januar

Diageo Ireland Gym Installation: McSport Gym Installs