If you haven’t started training with resistance bands yet, you really should. They are fast becoming the go to fitness accessory that is being used by everyone from bodybuilders to dancers to rugby players. Some people have abandoned free weights completely for resistance bands but others have found ways of using them in addition to free weight exercises. Many use resistance bands at the same time as free weights and have found that this has allowed them significantly increase their strength at a time when they might have previously plateaued at a certain weight.

Dave Schmitz has been nicknamed “The Band Man” for his resistance band techniques that completely abandon the need for free weights. His innovative Youtube videos have attracted millions of views, having struck a chord with people who might prefer to workout at home.  While we’re not 100% convinced that we could completely abandon free weights in favour of training solely with resistance bands, we do believe that there is a good opportunity for them to be used in addition to your normal gym routine.  We have rounded up some of our favourite resistance bands exercises below, each focussing on different body parts which might make you look at resistance band training a little differently.






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