Landing in Las Vegas, Nevada I was under the impression that it was a city that never sleeps. That maybe true for gamblers but not athletes. Not one gym open in the city and with the jet lag heavy on my eyelids and a 2am start I found myself agitated lying in the hotel room on the first night.

I grabbed my MyZone belt and a towel from the bedroom and started a hotel bedroom workout. Carefully keeping my heart rate in the 60-85percent and using the internal timer with my body weight I completed a 27min workout burning 209 calories and average heart rate of 136 with 72 percent overall effort. The MyZone belt gives me one ultimate advantage, it pushes me to keep going with heart rate awareness and turn any place into my training ground.

With a bachelor degree in health science and nursing I have always been interested in the anatomy of the body and how exercise affects it. The MyZone belt is a heart rate tracking device using Bluetooth that gives you feedback on your training so I was interested to observe and advance my knowledge on heart rate monitoring training.

I have used this belt instructing fitness classes, in my own training, coaching my running team and I have found it has given me that extra push to complete my workout and advance my fitness competents. I have become more aware of power, speed, tempo control and much more. I believe it now to be an essential tool in my own training and my clients.

Within the gym I work as manager, Flyefit Drumcondra, I have used the belt to plan classes such as endurance, fat burning intervals and the dreaded “race day”. In this class I encourage all participants to push their lactate threshold to its peak and increase fitness levels each race day. The MyZone belt gives me the tools to analyze this level for myself and then in turn be a role model for the class standard.

I have had a keen interest in class participants wondering what the class plan is each time and even encouraging me to post MyZone summary on my instagram so they can see the results. What’s interesting for me to observe is the members who have become more advanced in the class are the ones interested in pushing their training a little further. They are very aware that as their fitness levels improve their workload needs to advance and the myzone belt indicates when to push this level further.

In conclusion, if you are serious about improving your fitness components you will love the MyZone belt. Different from the other heart rate tracking devices on the market this belt is accurate, precise and wearable. Technology can overtake our society at times but this belt is solely for the improvement of fitness performance it is not just another heath gadget. You wear it as part of your training gear and take off after. It isn’t left on your wrist interfering with your life or your recovery. If you’re athletic you’ll understand how important it is to switch off from training sometimes and rest.

I am serious about improving my athleticism and MyZone continues to give me an insight into tracking my journey and my clients….for athleticism not just fitness trends.

Guest blog by Aoife MacIntyre, Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Psychiatric Nurse

Aoife Mac Intyre
Gym Manager / Personal Trainer / Sports Nutritionist / Psychiatric Nurse