We are delighted to be stocking the new and improved BackBaller which now has built in groves for even better self myofascial release. We have sold hundreds of the original BackBaller and know that everyone will love this new and improved version!

If you’ve never heard of the BackBaller before it is a dual mounted foam roller designed to aid recovery and prevent injury on the back and legs. The product was invented two years ago by Noel Marshall from Clare and has been a huge success with professional athletes across a variety of sporting codes from Tommy Bowe. Keith Earls, Sonia O’Sullivan, Manchester City Football Club, Ian Madigan, Colm Cooper, Brendan Maher, 


  • Self-treat Muscles in Your Upper & Lower Back
  • Improve Flexiility & Joint Range Of Motion
  • Accelerate Recover From Training
  • Increase Tissue Pliability 
  • Diminish Aches & Pains
  • Includes Exercises for: Back, Calf, Glutes, Groin, Hamstring, Lats, Quads, Shins, IT Band
The BackBaller Gets Teeth!

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