History of Table Tennis

Due to the advances in technological devices face-to-face communication between people has become somewhat eroded. Nowadays, people are more inclined to remain within their own little world (their phone), as opposed to engaging in an activity or conversation with their family member or loved one. If only there was something that could disconnect people from their technological devices and strengthen relationships, sharpen reflexes and bring the whole family together. Look no further than table tennis.

Because anyone can play table tennis, and up to four players can play at one time, it’s the perfect activity for a family to have fun and spend some quality time together. All that’s needed to get started is a table, a few paddles, a couple of balls and some healthy competitive spirit.

3 Interesting Facts about Table Tennis

  1. Table tennis originated in Victorian England in the late 1880’s, played by the upper class after dinner as a parlour game. It was their aim to emulate the reputation of Lawn Tennis by establishing an indoor version. Early versions of table tennis were constructed by various game manufacturers who each used their own exclusive patented names. Some of these names were Indoor Tennis, Whiff-Whaff and Ping Pong. In the 1920’s, the proprietor of patented name “Ping Pong” began to threaten legal action against anyone who used the name without specifying the use of their equipment. In order to combat this threat an alternative name was developed, Table Tennis, becoming the official name for the sport.
  2. The game of table tennis is dominated by Chinese players. Table Tennis is the national sport of China, with the world rankings consisting mostly of Chinese players. China has won 109 of the 131 World Championship titles since 1981. 34 million people in China tuned in to watch 2012 London Olympics men’s single gold medal final.
  3. Table Tennis is the number one indoor sport in the world. Table tennis is ranked as the most popular indoor sport in the world with 222 Associations from countries and regions across the globe being affiliated to the International Table Tennis Federation. The unique aspect about table tennis is that it can be played by everyone, no matter their age or physical attributes. Although it is commonly recognised as an indoor sport it can also be played outdoor as a social event and depending on weather.

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