The only thing yoga lovers love more than yoga is… yoga equipment!  That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to help with some ideas for the perfect yoga gift for your loved ones.  

From the essentials to the added bonuses, we have you covered!

1. Yoga Mats

The chances are that if you are buying for someone who is a seasoned yoga-er then they probably already have a mat – but, we can almost guarantee that they would love nothing more than a fresh, new, colourful mat to get them even more excited for their classes!  We offer a range of mats from numerous, high-quality suppliers, with plenty of choice across colours, thicknesses & materials!

2. Yoga Bags

These purpose-made bags are the chosen transportation mode of many yoga enthusiasts to bring their belongings to & from classes. Made from a thick, soft cotton & measured to comfortably fit mats, bricks, towels & more you can’t go wrong picking up one of these handy pieces of kit!

3. Cushions

Cushions are often used during yoga regimes to help users generate the correct posters so that they can get the full benefit of movements both during and after workouts. Often used to stabilize the core muscle groups, cushions can often be utilized as a platform to sit on during meditation.

4. Bricks & Blocks

We offer an extensive range of bricks & blocks, ranging in size, density & texture. Yoga bricks & blocks are generally used for inversion exercises as cushioning, allowing your body to obtain the necessary shape. Light-weight and easily stored, bricks & blocks are a must for any yoga participant.

5. Bolsters

A primary piece of equipment across the discipline of yoga the bolster will encourage correct posture during stretches. Filled with buckwheat and covered with a machine-washable outer material this is the perfect bit of kit for yoga goers of all levels & capabilities!